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Window Tint FAQ

What are SnapTint Tint Kits?

SnapTint Tint Kits are top-quality professional window film cut precisely to fit each window in your car or home. We have a window library of thousands of US automotive makes and models to make sure your Tint Kit comes ready to install.

SnapTint Tint Kits are customizable to exactly how you want it:

  • Vehicle year, make, and model
  • Type of window film
  • Shape of the window
  • Which windows to tint
  • Darkness of tint for each window

What brands of Window Film does SnapTint use?

We use professional high quality films from SolarGard, Llumar, SunTek, and Global Window Films.

Each of these companies are top tier window film manufacturers who also offer an entire suite of high-quality to lesser quality products to suit the needs of the entire market.

SnapTint hand-picks each and very product offered our website to ensure we are selling quality product at affordable prices.

Pricing of Window Tint Kits

Professional home tint installers charge between $5 to $6 a square feet. Our films start at $2.15 per square feet. We are able to bring these prices to you, because we work out a deal with the window film plants directly to pass the savings to you.

Save an additional 30% in Federal Tax Credits for installing qualifying window film on your home. This 30% credit only applies to the material cost of the window film. Now it makes more sense than ever to install DIY window film. More information about the 2010 Tax Credit for Window film is available.

Car Tint shops charge between $200 to $350 to install the very same window film we use, Solargard High Performance. You can save over $100 by purchasing a SnapTint Tint Kit.

SnapTint Tint Kits cost between $60 and $110 depending on the make and model of your car. Some vehicles have larger windows which require more window film to create a tint kit.

Low Price Guarantee. If you see a lower price anywhere else where the same SolarGard HP window film is used, please contact us for a price match.

2011 Tax Credit for Window Film

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 provides Federal tax credits for consumers who make certain energy-efficient improvements to their homes. This bill extends tax credits for energy efficient home improvements, such as energy saving window film. The Act provides a 2011 residential tax credit for consumers through the end of 2011.

Under section 25C of the Internal Revenue Code (I.R.C.), homeowners can receive a 10 percent credit on the costs of qualified window films which are used on windows, doors, and skylights wiht a maximum total credit of $500. This tax credit applies only to improvements made to a residential structure from Jan. 1, 2011 through Dec. 31, 2011.

A tax credit is more valuable than a tax deduction. Unlike a tax deduction, which reduces the amount of income subject to tax, a tax credit directly reduces the amount of income tax you have to pay. To receive the tax credit, consumers are required to submit the 2010 version of IRS Form 5695 with their 2010 Income Tax Return. Forms will be available for downloadable at or

After purchasing qualifying home window tint from, copies of the sales invoice and the manufacturer's certification statement should be saved. Please download and save the document below.

Suntek Films

SunTek Films Manufacturer's Certification

SolarGard Films

SolarGard Films Manufacturer's Certification

Qualifying Home Window Tint

Benefits to window tinting

People have found that window tinting is not just about giving your home or car more character, there are many practical benefits to tinting your windows. Some benefits include:

  • Avoid Overheating - Block out 50% of summer heat
  • Skin Protection - Block 99% of harmful UV rays during driving
  • Accident Protection - Hold shattered glass together
  • Enhanced Privacy - Protect the privacy and contents of your car
  • Safer Driving - Reduce glare from the sun, snow, and other headlights
  • Protect Your Car - Prevent sun damage: color fading or leather cracking

Window Film Samples

At, we recommend ordering film samples of our home tint and car tint to ensure you obtain the exact color and style you desire for your window tint project.

We apologize, but we do need to charge a nominal amount to cover the cost of postage and creation of the sample booklets.

How hard is it to install a Tint Kit?

SnapTint Tint Kits are simple to install! SnapTint provides FREE video installation instructions for home tint and car tint. We have also made a video for that demonstrates window tint removal.

Additionally, every kit comes with a full-color 4-step installation brochure to walk you through the process step-by-step. On average, SnapTint Tint Kits takes 2-3 hours of total time to install properly.

SnapTint can also provide you a 4 piece window tinting tool kit of the very same tools professionals use to tint windows for only $9.99.

How to care for and clean window tint?

Your new window film will take about 3 to 5 days to fully dry depending on film brand and weather conditions. Until this time your tinted windows may appear hazy or lumpy, and it may seem to have water bubbles. If you have installed car tint, do not roll your tinted windows down until fully dry.

Window film may be cleaned with a soft clean cloth and soft soap. Ammonia products should not be used. It is not good to use any ammonia based product, such as Windex. Over time, use of ammonia can react with the tint and cause blotching on your windows.

Although all SnapTint window films have a scratch resistant coating, be careful when removing your seat belt and holding your car keys. Metal objects such as seat belt buckles can scratch the surface of the window tint.

SnapTint only sells high quality window film. If these guidelines are followed, you will be able to enjoy your window film for 10-15 years.

Types of window film

There are many types of window film on the market. The most reliable and long-lasting with colors that do not fade are metallic or hybrid films. These window films are created by depositing/sputtering metal onto a thin sheet of polyester.

At SnapTint, we only use the highest quality High Performance window film from leading companies such as Solargard and SunTek to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase many years down the road, and we can offer our Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

SnapTint has the widest selection of window film online. We carry over 25 types of solar protection and decorative window tint for home and office. SnapTint carries the largest selection of window films for cars:

  •   HP Neutral
  •   HP Charcoal
  •   HP True Grey
  •   HP Blue
  •   HP Bronze
  •   Mirror Tint

Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Since we only use the best window film at SnapTint, you are protected with a SnapTint Lifetime Replacement Warranty on any car tint kit you purchase. This policy not only protects you from any discoloration, bubbling, cracking, or peeling during the life of the film. This innovative policy also protects you against any accidents or damage to the film that may happen during the installation process.

The Lifetime Replacement Warranty allows you to request a replacement for any individual piece of window film for $9.95 each. The replacement film for car tint must match the original year, make, model, and type of window film, but you can request a different darkness if you desire.

If you wish to order a replacement window film for your tint kit, please browse our replacement window film products.

If you have any questions please contact us.

State Car Tint Laws

Although window tint is legal in almost every state in the United States, each state has its own unique laws regarding the window film on motor vehicles.

Please consult with your state window tint laws, and abide by them when purchasing SnapTint Tint Kits.

Full Window Film Specifications

We have created a Window Film Specifications page that outlines the performance numbers for all the solar-protection car and home window tint that we sell.

These are the raw performance numbers, and can be quite hard to understand. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

You can also order a window tint sample booklet of our home and car solar protection films to ensure you obtain the exact color and style you desire for your window tint project.


SnapTint Window Tint Kits are made with top quality window film from leading US window film manufacturers. Our automotive and home window tinting kits are made with the DIY (Do-it-yourself) types in mind. They contain detailed installation instructions and are straighforward projects that can be installed in a single afternoon.

SnapTint products are backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty never to turn purple, fade, bubble, or peel.

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