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Installing SnapTint Tint Kits

If you purchased our Tint Kit Tools for $14.95 along with your SnapTint Tint Kit order, we will provide you with following professional-quality tools:

Getting Familiar with the Tint Kit Tools
Gasket Jammer

Insert film behind rubber weather stripping on windows.

Lil' Chizler

Remove old film, adhesive, and remove creases in film.

Olfa Knife

Used in minor cutting and trimming.

4 Inch Card

Remove excess water from under window film.

Other tools that you will need are common household items:

Other Household Tools
Mild Soap or Baby Shampoo

Used to mount the film to the window.

Distilled Water

The cleaner the water, the better the results.

Spray Bottle

Use it to quickly apply soapy water used to mount the film.

Lint-free Cloth

For wiping and cleaning excess fluids used in the process.

Find a sheltered low-dust environment. Wetting the floor of your work area will also help control excess dust. Now we are ready to get started and install the Tint Kit in 4 simple steps:

1. Clean the glass

Fill the spray bottle with a half teaspoon of mild soap to each quart of water. Wash and dry both sides of window thoroughly. Do not wash and dry all the windows at once, just the one you want to apply window film to first.

Clean away excess debris on window by scraping lightly with the razor blade scraper. Use caution not to scratch the glass.

Wash and dry both sides of the window again until you are certain both surfaces are completely clean. Use care to clean all the way to the edges and into the corners around the window gasket.

2. Apply the Film

Identify the piece of window film that matches the window, remember window film is installed on the inside of a window. If you are installing a side window that can be rolled down, first roll down the window just a little so you can see the top of the side window. If your window has weather lining that blocks access to the side edges of the window, remove the lining or tape it back with masking tape.

Pull the clear backing away from the film to expose the adhesive. Make sure the liner does not snag as you peel. Liberally spray the adhesive surface with solution as you remove the backing to protect the adhesive.

Liberally wet both the adhesive surface of the film as well as the inside surface of the window with the same soapy solution. Move the film into position inside the window, being careful not to let the film get creased or doubled over onto itself. The film should adhere to the glass fairly well with the soapy solution. On roll-down windows, tuck film into the bottom gasket of roll down (use gasket jammer to help if needed), before aligning with the top of the window.

For very large windows wider than your arms spread out, have a friend help you remove the window lining from the film and when applying the film to the window.

3. Remove Excess Water

Use the squeegee to remove the soapy water and all bubbles from underneath the film while simultaneously smoothing the film onto the glass. Work your way from the center of the film outwards. Take your time and be careful and methodical for this step. Spray the film with soapy solution to reduce friction, so you can remove all air bubbles without damaging the film. Squeegee over entire surface multiple times with increasing pressure each time around.

4. Remove Excess Film

Trim away any extra film hanging over the window edge using the razor blade. Be sure to be careful not to cut defroster lines on back windows.

You are Finished!

Keep windows rolled up for at least three days to allow for full curing. The film may appear foggy, but this will clear up at the end of the curing process. Only use mild soap to clean window film, never use hard abrasives or chemicals.

On cars like the Corvette or Volkswagon Beetle, the back window is curved. Additional steps are required to install the window film using a heat gun you can rent for a day from Home Depot or Lowes:

1. Follow the step 1 above then continue below.

Spray the outside of the back window with the soapy solution, and place the window film on the outside of back window with the liner still in place facing upwards.

If the rear window is too curved, you will see "fingers" on the top and bottom of the window where the film does not lie flat. Use a heat gun to quickly heat the finger for only a second at a time, and use a hand or wet paper towel to flatten the finger out by putting pressure from the center of the window towards the edge.

2. Once the film is completely flat, continue to follow step 2 above.


SnapTint Window Tint Kits are made with top quality window film from leading US window film manufacturers. Our automotive and home window tinting kits are made with the DIY (Do-it-yourself) types in mind. They contain detailed installation instructions and are straighforward projects that can be installed in a single afternoon.

SnapTint products are backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty never to turn purple, fade, bubble, or peel.

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